Health Benefits of Vaporizers for Smoking Vs Cigarettes

 During the vaporization process, a substance is released in the air without combustion, which means that substances are burned in the vaporization process. This is one reason why vaporization is better than regular smoking because when you smoke the traditional way, you are putting tar, formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients in your body. You also reduce your risk of lung cancer when you use a vaporizer to smoke. Here are other health benefits of vaporizers.

Vaporizers Cost You Less

Those who smoke cigarettes regularly understand that it gets expensive to buy cigarettes and this is because many states have cigarette taxes on cigarettes as a way of encouraging smokers to quit and adopt a healthy lifestyle. But even without this tax, cigarettes are costly to purchase with an average price of $4 to $5 a pack. Vaporizers cost less than a regular pack of cigarettes.

Cigarettes vs Vaporizer

You Don’t Have To Worry About Throat Irritation

When you smoke cigarettes using combustion, you will feel as if your throat is being pricked by thorns and you have trouble swallowing or coughing properly for a short moment. However, when you smoke with a vaporizer, you do not have to worry about this because your throat will have a smooth sensation afterwards.

You Don’t Have To Deal With Stained Teeth

Another benefit of using a vaporizer is that your visual appearance looks better. When you smoke cigarettes for a number of months, you develop stained teeth that is difficult to get rid of with at-home whitening kits or even professional teeth whitening from the dentist. In addition, the cigarettes cause bad breath that becomes an almost permanent part of your life.

Others Are Not Harmed By Your Smoking

Because you are not smoking with combustion, the use of a vaporizer is beneficial for others around you because vaporizers only give off vapors and this does not cause harmful secondhand smoke exposure to others unlike the tar-filled cigarette smoke that pollutes the outside of the home and in the home or building.

Extension of Life

When you use a vaporizer instead of cigarettes for smoking, you extend the years of your life because you are not inhaling the carcinogens that come from the tar and nicotine in the cigarettes. This is because you reduce chances of getting cancer, emphysema and other diseases from smoking through combustion.


In light of the need to live a healthy life, you want to make small changes and one of the best ways to do this is to avoid cigarettes and use vaporizers because they are better for your body and you reduce chances of an early death. Since some of these vaporizers come in different herbal flavors, they are also fun to smoke because you take in the flavors only from the vapor.   You can also buy portable vaporizers that you can carry around wherever you want.  Research different brands of vaporizers and smoke a few of them to determine which ones are the best for you.

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