Why is Green Coffee Healthy for You?

Finding alternatives to foods and drinks that are harmful for you is all the craze these days. You hear about all types of “new” super foods like acai, green leaf tea and goji berry making headlines. The latest to do the same is green coffee. Not everyone has heard of green coffee, but since it has emerged its head in the food market, it has been showing lots of great benefits for those who consume it. There is still being research done on green coffee, but the results shown thus far are definitely worth talking about.


Boosts Your Metabolism

One of the benefits of green coffee is that it helps your metabolism work much faster. This is great news for people who are trying to lose weight or stay fit. Green coffee contains chloregenic acid, which is the culprit for why your metabolism is boosted when consumed. Another culprit is kelp, which is also found in green coffee beans. This has lots of vitamins and minerals that help your body to maintain proper nutrient levels.

Burns Stored Body Fat

To further aid in weight loss and staying fit, green coffee beans can be used to burn stored body fat. When consumed, it helps your body to get rid of excess laden calories. Again, chloregenic acid helps with this task. It also helps to prevents glucose discharge that normally comes from your liver. When this happens, your glucose levels in the blood stream become low, causing your body to burn fat cells in order to release the glucose inside. This is then converted into energy.

Reduces High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

A lot of Americans suffer from high cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The great news is that green coffee can be drunk to help lower these levels. When you have high cholesterol, it can eventually lead to cardiac arrest. Other cardio vascular problems can arise due to bad LDL cholesterol as well. By drinking green coffee, you will be able to better manage bad cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

Helps to Curve Hunger

Those who are trying to lose weight can use green coffee as an appetite suppressant. Food cravings are one of the top reasons why people fail to stick to weight loss diets. Green coffee can also help stop you from overeating when you do eat your regular meals throughout the day. While you are eating less, your body will be able to eliminate stored calories and fatty acids that you already have.

Gives You a Healthier Heart

Research has shown that green coffee bean extract can help to improve your heart health. Like with aspirin, green coffee beans can keep blood-platelets from clumping up, causing clogs in your arteries. This means better blood flow for your body and it prevents your arteries from becoming hardened.

Other Benefits

There are various other health benefits of green coffee bean max as well, which include improved mental alertness, detoxifies liver and boosts your energy levels.

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