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How to Get the Best Health Insurance With the Best Coverage

It seems like fewer and fewer people are signing up for health insurance these days when the exact opposite of this should be happening.  This can’t be because they don’t need it.  Numbers show that disease and cancer are at an all-time high, something we’ve never seen before in human history.  Drop in health insurance plans might be caused by people who feel like they just can’t afford to have health insurance.  This is an easily fixed problem.  There are numerous health insurance companies out there just waiting to cover you for an affordable price, you just have to be willing to look around a little.

healthinsurance1If you haven’t been to your local doctor or hospital lately, you would be appalled by how much the cost of medical practitioners has gone up.  People without health insurance run the risk of spending tremendous amounts of money just for annual checkups, or trips to the hospital.  You can easily overcome this by finding the right coverage for your family.

To get health insurance, look online for a site which provides health insurance policies.  Here you will find a quote.  Make sure you go to a site that offers a number of insurance quotes so that you can compare them to each other to see which one is the best for you.

Look carefully to see what companies are offering.  You will be tempted to buy insurance with the lowest monthly rate.  Lowest monthly cost isn’t the only factor you need to look at when deciding which health insurance provider to go with.  As well as the monthly fee, you will also have to keep in mind the deductible.  This is how much of the medical bill your insurance will cover.  It would be useless to pay a low monthly fee if your insurance barely covers any of your medical cost.  Also make sure you read over the policy to see what the insurance you’re looking at covers.  It would be pointless to buy insurance only to find that the policy doesn’t cover what you have.

After you’ve found and applied for the right insurance, the company will contact you for an in-person meeting.  Be prepared to provide medical history spanning back 5-10 years, and a full credit check.  The company will check to verify that the information you’ve given them is accurate and decide whether or not you qualify for the plan.  Once the company has qualified you for eligibility you can start making payments towards your plan.

Remember health insurance is good to get no matter where in North America.  Even in Canada.  You would be surprised at the things that you have to pay for yourself.  There are cheap health insurance plans that cover your conditions.  There are also family health plans or individual health plans.  It is better to be covered in a time of need, so that you will be able to live the rest of your life according to plan. There are websites all over the internet.  All you have to do is fill in a simple form and they will send a quote right to your email for free.  Take action now and get covered.

Fat Loss Facts For You and Your Family

Fat loss is perhaps one of the biggest selling concept in the weight loss and health market, but sadly, many of the how-to’s out there involve either some sort of scam(because it doesn’t work) and radical exercise that can lead to serious health consequences. But fat loss is possible if proven scientific principles and facts are applied.  Beware of certain programs like the Diet Solution Program Scam and other such fat loss programs that don’t work that well.

weightlossprogramFirst, and probably, most important is not to skip meals. The human body requires sustenance at regular intervals, and when it doesn’t get it, it goes into starvation mode. That means it holds on whatever nutrition it does get and converts it to fat because your body thinks there is a scarcity of food. The best way to fat loss is to eat regular, well-balanced meals during the day. A light dinner is recommended because when you sleep you burn fewer calories. This is the basis for the oft-repeated dictum that breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day because it is your first meal after 8 hours of fasting.

A second principle to keep in mind for fat loss is the need for proper hydration. You do not burn fat if you are dehydrated, so drinking at least 64 ounces of water is recommended. You need to replace the water in your body if you want to lose fat. Don’t underestimate the need for adequate amount of water.  During exercise, energy drinks is a good way to hydrate, but not at any other time.

Sleep is the third pillar for a stable fat loss regiment. With inadequate sleep, the stress hormones from the thyroid and adrenals are activated and slow down metabolism to conserve energy. Fat loss becomes harder even with fat-burning diet and exercise. In fact, it is only during sleep that the breakdown of fat occurs. It sounds astounding, but the fact is if there is not enough sleep, then fat will stay.

The last, but not the least, pillar in fat loss is proper stress management. Stress, per se, is not bad. A completely stress-free life is not only impossible, it is not healthy. Without stress, the body goes into a comatose state. Everything will slow down. So if you are under-stressed, the metabolism slows down. However, if you are over-stressed, the body will start to store more fat in anticipation of further and prolonged stress. The key is to reach a level wherein the body has enough stress to elevate the heart rate to 80% maximal for at least 30 minutes thrice a week. At this point, you are metabolising at a rate at which fat loss happens.

If any of these principles are ignored or subverted in any fat loss regimen you are considering, then fat loss will not occur. Fat loss, and the mechanics of weight loss, is the proper balance of nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress levels. An effective fat loss program should not advocate anything that will compromise this balance by advocating anything that will trigger a slowdown of the body’s natural regulatory processes.

Vaginal Odor and Yeast Infection – A Few Important Facts

There are many acutely embarrassing conditions for women among which two of the most common are vaginal odor and yeast infection. In fact, these two conditions are often inclusive of one another. In other words, a woman suffering from vaginal odor may find that this is due yeast infection, and in other cases the women who suffer from yeast infection would find that they suffer from vaginal odor as well.

Yeast Infection

Studies show that more than 75 percent of women in the whole world would suffer from vaginal yeast infection at least one in their lifetime; this condition is so common.

How Does This Happen?

Bacteria are present always in the vagina – but these are not harmful unless they grow too many in number. This happens when:

-      she is taking orally or topically strong antibiotics over a long period of time,

-      she wears tight underwear that does not allow ventilation,

-      she used douches (they kill good bacteria) too often,

-      she experiences change in hormones such as the time or pregnancy,

-      she uses oral contraceptives, and

-      she uses vaginal perfumes.

Yeast Infection

What Are The Major Symptoms?

The main symptoms of this condition are:

-      burning sensation while urinating,

-      continuous itching,

-      pain during sex,

-      white or gray color discharge (thick or thin), and

-      peculiar fish-like odor (not always present).

Vaginal Odor

Vaginal odor is not really a condition by itself. It is usually the symptom of an underlying cause such as:

1) Yeast infection – as described earlier, yeast infection could be a cause for vaginal odor. The odor is usually accompanied by vaginal discharge that is either thick or watery, grayish or white in color. Itching, burning, and difficulty in having sex are among other symptoms.

2) STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease) – many STDs cause vaginal odor among which gonorrhea and chlamydia are the most common. These are conditions which can be treated and cured with no difficulty; however, if left untreated they can progress fast to very serious state.

Among the symptoms accompanying these STDs are yellowish discharge that looks like pus, painful urination and local irritation.

3) PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) – this is a condition that is most often contacted through sexual intercourse. It is also one of the advanced stages of STDs such as chlamydia.

Among the symptoms seen in this case are painful urination, vaginal odor, fever, heavy and yellow discharge, pain during sex among others. If left untreated for long, it can cause infertility and ectopic pregnancies.

4) Poor Hygiene – sometimes the fishy vaginal odor is nothing but the result of poor hygiene. It is important the vagina is washed daily and carefully not to allow the growth of bacteria which can multiply very fast owing that down there it is always humid and warm (best conditions for multiplication of bacteria). Here are some measures you should keep in mind:

-      Use soap and water at least 2-3 times a day.

-      Always wash with water after urinating.

-      Use cotton, clean underwear. Change every day or twice a day. If travelling use panty liners that could be changed as often as you would want/ need.




Dental Advances Over The Last Few Years


Dentistry has come a long way over the past 10 years. Technology has made dental procedures easier, completely painless, faster and cheaper. Today children are no longer afraid of the dentist and more and more people chose to go for cosmetic dentistry to improve their smile and overall looks. This is happening because there has been a huge and drastic change in the technology used in dentistry over the past 10 years, with more emphasis on the immediate 3-4 years.  Among the major technological dental advances in the past 10 years are:

1. CEREC – this is the application of computers to get your dental imprints. This cuts off the time that you were otherwise spending in the dentist’s office and then waiting for the laboratory impressions, etc. No more mess, no more time wasted. With CEREC  from start to finish the whole job – which earlier took weeks – takes only ONE HOUR!!

Recent Dental Advances

2. Dental Implants – the new dental implant technology called osseointegration is an excellent method used today for replacement of missing teeth. This process involves fusing the dental implants directly in the jaw bone making the “new teeth’ look, feel and function like real teeth. The success rate is excellent and the results last for life.

3. Use of digital X-ray – digital X-ray reduced drastically radiation risks and hence are gaining fast in popularity over the traditional methods. This is the best option for those who are fighting cancer since they are already exposed to high degree of radiation. New equipment is designed to obtain a complete view of the mouth in one shot – eg. Panorex X-rays.

4. Intra-oral Camera – with the help of this camera the inside on your mouth can be easily projected on a computer screen or a larger projection screen. You can see what is happening in your mouth, which will no longer feel so scary. Beside, the dentist would be able to make a better diagnosis owing to the enlargement of your mouth’s interior.

5. Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning – the one most popular and in demand intervention – cleaning of teeth – is also seeing the evolution of technology. Now you have the ultrasonic dental cleaning procedure which will have your teeth cleaned of stains and tartar without the horrendous feel of scrapping . The ultrasonic device uses a special instrument called Cavitron, which removes all the plaque, tartar and stains through vibrations that are 1001 times better than scrapping.

6. OraVerse – this is a technology whereby the anesthetic effect can be reversed instant when you leave the dentist’s chair. Gone are the days when your mouth would be zapped for the next half days leaving feel incapable to drink or eat anything.  Now it is possible to finish your dentist appointment and then go to your work place or carry on any work you want for you won’t feel any discomfort.

7. InviSalign – this is one of the best technology applications of all time to dentistry. This involves the use of clear (invisible ) aligners to straighten your teeth. Not only does involve fewer visits to the dentist, but also will keep it secret from everyone. The aligners are completely invisible – yet totally effective(Source: Henderson dentist).


Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery

This is a guest post by a plastic surgeon who is one of the foremost experts on plastic surgery in Michigan.  He prefers to remain anonymous-

Your appearance is very important in every aspect of your life. However, even more than important is the way you perceive yourself. The majority of plastic surgery patients some for beautifying some aspect that they feel is not suiting them. This is often a personal perception, but one so real and powerful that it affects all aspects of your life.

Before you decide on whether or not to go on with the plastic surgery, it is good if you are aware the pros and cons this involves so you could take an informed decision and/ or necessary precautions where necessary.

Plastic Surgery

Advantages of Plastic Surgery

1)   Feeling Good About Self – cosmetic surgery removes the flaws of your body – whether these are real or perceived – and makes you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, everything else around you also looks good. You develop a positive attitude towards everything and everybody and the quality of your life improves.

2)   Increases Self-Confidence – this is not to be confused with the ‘feel good’ factor. Confidence comes from the knowledge that you are making a good impression, you are looking good, you are projecting the image you want to project.  Plastic surgery has the power to enhance self-confidence of the person for it gives you the power of projecting the personal message you want to deliver.

3)   It Is Fast And Offers Best Results – there are often other alternatives to plastic surgery, but more often than not, cosmetic surgery is the fastest and best way to do it. Whatever you could achieve with medicine and other type of treatments, you can achieve faster and better through plastic surgery.

4)   You Can Control The Outcome – cosmetics, herbal treatments and other methods might not be able to give you control over the outcome. Plastic surgery, on the other hand, will be able to show you the results before hand – and considering that you will use the services of an experienced and reputed plastic surgeon, you will have more or less guaranteed results.

Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery

1)   It Is Expensive – cosmetic surgery is expensive by any standards and the fact that it is not covered by health insurance, make you worry about the charges. This is one reason why the trend of medical travel is on the rise in the recent past – especially for cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery. Countries like Philippines, Malaysia, India, Singapore are increasingly receiving tourists who combine vacation with medical treatment.

2)    It Poses Health Risks – however good your plastic surgeon is, there will be risks involved. This is an invasive surgery and things can always go wrong. There could be bleeding problems, there could be infections, wrong results, side effects and  much more.

3)   Sometimes you may need recurring surgery – sometimes, there may be the need of repeat surgery to maintain the previous results. Sometimes, things go wrong and there would be the need of reconstructive surgery to repair the earlier damages.  Besides this being a pain – in literal sense, it would add to the cost and trauma involved.




What Causes Bloating And Stomach Pain Occur After Eating Food

Bloating and stomach pain are problems that everyone would have experienced at one time or other immediately after a meal. These conditions can be very painful and problematic.

What Is Bloating?

Bloating is a symptom whereby a person feels like his stomach is swelling. There is a feeling of fullness, which is acutely uncomfortable. Sometimes, there is a physical distention of the stomach. It is often accompanied by flatulence, stomach cramps, gas, diarrhea, and constipation.


Why Does It Happen?

There are many things that would trigger an attack of bloating. Here are a few of the most common ones:

1. Eating re-heated starchy foods – reheating starchy foods changes the molecular structure of these foods turning them into ‘digestion resistant foods’. When you eat such foods, these are not processed any longer in the small intestine, but are pushed into the large intestine undigested. There, when the bacteria gets to work on the food massive amounts of gas is produced, which in turn you feel as bloating.

Other foods that might consist of ‘resistant starchy foods’ are meals, which are packed as pre-cooked foods. If you find that this happens to you often, stop and take note of what you are eating.

2. Hormonal Imbalance – sometimes the key factor is hormonal imbalance. Many women have complained of bloating just before the commencement of their monthly period. The hormonal fluctuation in the blood at the time of PMS and menopause can cause bloating. With age, bowels relax and hence, are unable to move the food efficiently through the gut. This problem is aggravated by constipation, which is another symptom of aging body functions.

3.  A Healthy Diet Can Become Uncomfortable – many food items that are classified as ‘healthy’ cause bloating. High-fiber content foods such as brown bread, cereals, pulses and beans can be notorious about gas and bloating. Also fruit, raw vegetables and nuts can cause bloating. High-protein foods also are known to create bloating and stomach pain after eating.

4. Decrease In Population Of ‘Good Bacteria’ In The Gut – long terms medication and strong antibiotics would normally kill all or the majority beneficial bacteria in the gut. Lack of good bacteria inhibits digestion allowing the food to ferment in the large intestine and causing gas, flatulence and stomach ache. Probiotics could be used in this case for fast relief.

5. Stress Can Be A Big Pain – if you are stressed you would either be excessively hungry or not at all hungry. Stress has a knack of throwing the digestive totally off the track. When stressed, the stomach releases extra measures of acid which in turn reacts with the undigested food to create huge amounts of gas. As a result, you will feel bloated, nauseous, and with stomach ache.

6. Coeliac Disease -  this is a little known diseases that happens owing to allergy to gluten. This is a immune system problem, which comes accompanied by a few other symptoms such as anemia, joint pain and problems regarding fertility.

Online Doctor Sites Is Changing The Way Americans Access HealthCare Services

There are many reputed online doctor sites that are providing high quality medical diagnostic services to many Americans who would have otherwise not had access to a medical opinion.  Sites such as are coming up all over the Internet and provide all types of services online for a relatively very small fee.

What Are Online Doctors?

Online doctors site is a new concept of medical care. Inspired by the fact that a vast majority of Americans living in remote areas do not have direct access to medical facilities, this model of online doctors is trying to make a modest contribution by helping people gain access to the services of the best doctors and specialists in the country online. The diagnostic appointment is done by email, chat, video chat, and/ or chat.








One needs to register with the online doctor consultation site and then ask a question regarding your health or that of anyone in your home. You can upload your medical records, test results, etc if there are any – so you could ensure best possible diagnosis.  Most of these sites have four categories of questions permitted:

(1) Free Consultations – in this category anyone can ask a free questions to any doctor who is listed on the site. You can also send a question to any of the specialists enlisted – in case you want. In each case, your case would be revised by the professional you have asked for and the answer would be sent to you with no fees asked. In this case however, you would not be able to upload any type of files. No follow up questions are permitted either.

This service is especially designed for those who cannot really afford medical care of any sort – but require it urgently.

(2) Ask A Doctor – this service demands the least of the fees. Your question would be answered by a general practitioner within 12 hours from sending it over email.  You are allowed to upload files that represent your (or the patient’s) medical history. You will have 2-3 follow up questions are permitted.

(3) Consult A Specialist – under this services you would be able to contact a specialist of your choice from the list of specialists listed on the site. The fees is 2-3 times higher that ‘ask a doctor’ service. The specialist would offer his diagnosis and opinion by email within maximum 24 hours. You are permitted 3 follow up questions.

(4) Get A Medical Board Opinion – this option is relatively expensive. It involves assured interaction with at 4 highly qualified doctors on one-to-one basis. The opinions of the Medical Board would be communicated to you at the earliest convenience after at least 4 MD level medical practitioners have been consulted on the case. You are permitted to upload as many files as you like/ need. You are also permitted unlimited follow-up questions.

The Impact Of Online Doctors Sites on Health Care

The availability of doctors online can only mean progress. This is a start; it is possible that in the future the majority of diagnostic consultancies would be done from home over the web cam.



Top Health Benefits Of Therapeutic Clay

Therapeutic clay or Bentonite clay is known throughout the world as one of the most multipurpose and cost-effective health treatments. This is one natural treatment that provides you a bounty of good benefits. It is known to detoxify and revitalize the body in the most gentle and natural manner. Among the better known benefits of therapeutic clay – for which this treatment is so popular throughout the world are:

1. Aids absorption of nutrients in the system.

2. It is a leading source for minerals at cellular level revitalizing the whole system. It is known to contain of more than 67 trace minerals, montmorillonite and magnesium among others.

3. It counters acidity by alkalizing the body. It is believed that the majority of health problems humans experience is owed to high-acidity levels of the body. The therapeutic clay counters the acidity and restores the balance in the body.

4. It boosts the immune system.

5. It is an excellent detoxification agent. It helps cleanse the liver, skin and the colon. The clay is charges with negative electrical charge which attracts all types of pathogens, metals and toxins that are found in the gut (by the way, all these are charged positively).

6. It is excellent at promoting growth of beneficial bacteria within the gut, which in turn helps digestion and eliminates a number of digestion-related problems (such as constipation/ diarrhea, bloating, gas formation, etc).

7. It is also known help with damages to the muscles and bones, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

8. Other health conditions where the therapeutic clay is known to have helped is in treating chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, eye stains, infected wounds, and even migraines (and headaches).


The regular use of the clay could help eliminating the following health conditions:

-      Acne,

-      Allergies about food,

-      Anemia,

-      Arthritis,

-      Colitis,

-      Cataract,

-      Diarrhea,

-      Diabetes,

-      Parasite attack,

-      Stomach ulcers,

-      Viral attacks.

How Do You Use The Betonite Or Therapeutic Clay?

For internal uses:

-      Take a glass of water (250 ml) and mix 1-2 heaped teaspoons of this clay on an empty stomach. Take this mix for 3 days consecutively. Stop on the 4th day. There should be at least 1-1½ hours before a meal as the clay would otherwise attract everything to itself.

Drink plenty of water as this clay can cause constipation. This happens in case you do not drink enough water; the clay absorbs everything is its path – especially pathogens and toxins.

-      When ingested, the therapeutic clay can help with gingivitis, yeast conditions, candida, and parasitic infections of liver.

-      Its detoxification effect significantly improves the texture of the skin, and brightens the eyes.

For external uses:

-      Use it as compress or applied in thin layer all over the skin. This will soothe hurt muscles, accelerate healing of wounds and skin rashes, provide fast relief for conditions such as carpal tunnel and so on. It also cures fungal infections.(source: – Fine therapeutic Clay)


Why American Healthcare System Is So Costly – 5 Myths Exploded

This was a guest post by a highly regarded drug testing company, they would like to share their opinion and insight regarding this matter. Just in 2010 the USA price tag for healthcare was a whopping $2.6 trillion, which is about 50 percent more than Norway, the no.2 country in world with the best medical healthcare system. Why is this happening? How are we when compared to other countries around the globe? To gain an insight to the right answer about this, a few very common myths need to be dispelled:

(1) The USA Is Leading With The Best Healthcare System In The World

Not true. The USA was ranked 27th in the survey conducted by Organization for Economic Cooperation Development (OECD) in 2011. This is a shocking rank by any standards when you are referring to the THE United States of America. We are leading on the front of cancer survival rates; however, mortality rates are higher than other countries on account of heart problems and even innocuous problems such as asthma.

The myth of being ‘the best’ may be originating from the fact that the USA healthcare system is the MOST expensive; but, it is wrong to assume that the most expensive means the best.

drugtesting(2)  Health Care In The USA is More Accessible – yes, it is true that we have best access to health care services. However, it is another thing that most people do not go for all the tests prescribed because of the high cost involved. Again, according to the OECD ranking, the USA is 30th on a list of total 34 developed countries. Once again, this is NOT a good thing.

(3) The High Cost Of Healthcare In The Usa Is Owed To The Bad Living Style Of Americans – while it is true that SAD (Standard American Diet) is awful and does create a lot of problems, this is NOT the reason why the price tag is so inflated. Obesity is an important and driving factor on health account; however, so are other countries with their own problem. The high cost is due to the procrastination in taking doctor’s appointments and therefore complicating the issue and high fees the doctors charge.

(4) The Government Spending Drives Up The Cost Of Healthcare – the US healthcare systems is less driven by the Government regulations and more by the free-market forces in the country and world. The Congressional Budget Office report highlights the fact that Medicare and Veterans Administration health system were able to control the prices much better than the Government. The truth is that the public sector delivers better quality healthcare at much reduced costs.

(5) Health Reforms Such As Tort Will Be Instrumental In Bringing Down The Healthcare Service Costs – The CBO is a study they carried out in 2009  agreed that Tort will indeed lower the costs of healthcare system in the country. However, there is no reason to rejoice for the margin of decrease is extremely insignificant. The overall decrease that Tort would cause is bordering on 2%. Hence, while it is true that it would reduce it, it is also true that such reduction would make hardly any real difference.

As long as these myths exist, the real picture will never emerge. It is important that awareness is generated so the common man is aware about all the facts that involve and drive up the costs of the US healthcare system. Only then a real solution will emerge.

Why is American Health Care so Expensive?

Why American Healthcare System Is So Costly – Some Important Facts

Which country spends the most on health care and why? Studies point clearly at the US healthcare system when it comes to the highest cost for any type of medical care. While this is true – with the costs sometimes going 50% more than in other developed countries – the quality of the health care is not by any means the best in the world.

According to OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – which lists 34 countries in the world under its aegis) the USA ranks pretty low – 30th in rank when it come to the quality of the healthcare system; yet it is the most expensive.

The US Versus Other countries


Check out some very interesting facts about the US Healthcare System Vis-à-vis that from other OECD countries.

(1) A study carried out by the OECD showed that the amount spent on healthcare in the US is the highest with 17.4% of the GDP. This  comes roughly to $8,400 per person. Out of this amount the Government is spending roughly 50%. This is about 8.5% more than the average the other 33 countries spend. The US is followed by the Netherland with 12%, France with 11.8%, and Germany with 11.6%. Qatar has the lowest spending amount in the world, with the amount totallu only 1.8% of its GDP.

(2) The American citizen spends more than double per capita than its OECD counterparts. An average person in the USA would spend about $3,200 on healthcare while other would spend about $1,500.

(3) The number of people in the age bracket of 19-25 years has decreased to an all low of 6.9% after the Affordable healthcare Act came into force in the late part of 2010. There is still a huge gap of about 30% of people falling into this category who remain not-eligible for health insurance.

(4) Owing to the high healthcare costs, Americans are more likely to avoid appointment with a doctor than their counterparts in OECD countries. According the reports, more than 50% of the Americans who do visit the doctor have problems with paying their bills.

(5) There is a gross coordination problem in the US healthcare system that triples the expenses involved. There are bad follow-up methods, overtreatment, high inefficiency, and so on. To give an idea, in 2008 Medicate expenses for administrative costs were calculated at 5.31%, that of Medicaid was 8.05% while the private health insurance costs were calculated to be 12.7% or as much as $128 billion.

(6) Less than half of the entire spending done on healthcare comes from private companies with 46.9%; yet the health insurance rate is the highest in the world. This means that the gap in the cost is met by ‘out of pocket expenses’. This compares poorly with most of the OECD countries for which it is ranked as 30th out of the total 34.

(7) There is a glaring lack of healthcare education amongst Americans.  Americans tend to be more likely to fall for highly marketed products like Grow Taller 4 Idiots, or for short term diets.  There is no actual focus on a long term healthy lifestyle and the magic pill mentality dominates American thinking.  There is a very low amount of awareness on how to actually be healthy, and the Standard American Diet(SAD) results in a very high level of obesity and heart disease.

There is a lot to do and change in the healthcare system and already reforms are introduced to make the healthcare system more people friendly and effective. The new Affordable Healthcare Act is meant to change a lot of parameters in this field for the better, but as with all good things, it might a take a little time to start rolling. The good news is that it shows signs that it is improving; and it the action has already been set in motion.